ITS Global Becomes Article Three

May 10, 2021

ITS Global, the Asia-Pacific’s leading trade policy consulting firm, has announced today that the company will begin operating under a new name and branding. It will now be known as Article Three, effective immediately.

The rebranding reflects the evolution of the company over its 25-year history, and its future direction. The company has also announced its new director structure, as well as a new logo and website. All reflect the company’s increased focus on delivering trade policy consulting and services to a growing footprint of clients across the region.

Directors Kristen Bondietti, Jon Berry and Khalil Manaf Hegarty stated: “As part of our regional focus and change in management structure, a rebrand was appropriate in order to reflect both our history and future.

“Article Three continues to be the Asia Pacific’s leading trade policy advisory firm, providing analysis, advice and advocacy services to governments, companies and NGOs in the region. Now more than ever, we will assist our clients as they navigate an increasingly complex international trade environment to overcome barriers, find new markets and drive business and economic development for all.”

About Article Three

Originally established in 1997 by former diplomat Alan Oxley, Article Three has become the trusted name in trade policy for governments, businesses, and research organisations across the Asia-Pacific region. Its success has been driven by a team of focused and experienced trade policy professionals.

With the retirement of its founder in 2020, the company evolved with new leadership and a new name: Article Three. The new name invokes Article III of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade: National Treatment. This is the cornerstone principle of international trade: countries should not discriminate unfairly against others.

Directors Jon Berry, Kristen Bondietti and Khalil Hegarty are long serving employees of the company with nearly four decades of experience between them, and will guide the company as it continues its unique role as an analyst, advisor, and strategic advocate on international trade and investment.