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Article Three believes that open, rules-based trade is a force for good, driving economic development that benefits people around the world.

We believe that trade enables positive social, economic and environmental outcomes in rich and poor countries alike, bringing people – and the services they provide and the goods they make – together across borders and cultures.

We analyse the details, provide advice on accessing markets and advocate for improved access.

Whether it’s assisting countries and industries to overcome technical barriers, improving the skills of officials undertaking trade negotiations, or helping companies navigate complex requirements in export markets, our goal is to provide the best solutions for our clients and stakeholders.

Our History

Article Three’s story begins more than 25 years ago. The establishment of the World Trade Organisation in 1995 gave Australian businesses an unprecedented opportunity to tap into global markets. But this new set of rules for global trade also presented a significant challenge.

Just two years later former diplomat Alan Oxley created ITS Global, a specialist consultancy focused solely on trade policy. Its mission was to assist businesses and governments navigate these new waters and find opportunities beyond their borders.

The company became the trusted name in trade policy for governments, businesses, and research organisations across the Asia-Pacific region. Its success has been driven by a team of focused and experienced trade policy professionals.

With the retirement of its founder in 2020, the company evolved with new leadership and a new name: Article Three. The new name invokes Article III of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade: National Treatment. This is the cornerstone principle of international trade: countries should not discriminate unfairly against others. They must apply the same rules to imports as they do to domestically produced goods. In return, their exports will be treated fairly in other markets.

This principle – that non-discrimination brings benefits for all – is at the heart of fair, reciprocal rules-based international trade, and sums up the philosophy that Directors Jon Berry, Kristen Bondietti and Khalil Hegarty bring to their work.

Long serving senior employees of the company with nearly four decades of experience between them, they will guide the company as it continues its unique role as an analyst, advisor, and strategic advocate on international trade and investment.

We believe the key to finding solutions in trade policy is clearly understanding
the problems – political, technical and competitive – then identifying the opportunities.

Trade Policy

Jon, Kristen and Khalil are all long-serving senior employees of the company and have been instrumental in building the consultancy. Together they will guide the company as it continues its unique role as an analyst, advisor, and strategic advocate on international trade and investment.

Jon Berry
Director | Market Access

Jon is an expert in international trade and development, specialising in agriculture and resources trade, food security and international investment. He has worked for Article Three/ITS Global since 2012, prior to which he worked for the UN World Food Programme, based in Rome and various locations in Africa.

Jon consults regularly to government departments, and represents the interests of Australian companies and industry associations in government inquiries and stakeholder consultations. He has expert skills in economic analysis and modelling, writing, and presenting at international fora. He also has extensive experience in adult education and training in Australia, China, Japan and France.

Jon has an MBA specialising in the management of international organisations from the University of Geneva, and a Master of Public Policy. Jon speaks fluent French, as well as basic Japanese and Italian.

Kristen Bondietti
Director | Trade Agreements

Kristen Bondietti is an expert in international trade regulation, law and policy, specialising in multilateral and bilateral trade agreements and arrangements.

Kristen has over 15 years’ experience consulting to government, business and industry groups in Australia and South East Asia focusing on technical regulation and controls, services, trade facilitation, investment and supply chain risk.

She has provided technical analysis and policy advice for numerous government and international organisations in the region,
conducted joint research with institutions in Australia, Korea, The Philippines, Thailand and China and consulted on projects in Australia, Mekong region, South East Asia and North Asia.

Kristen has a Masters degree in international law from the University of Melbourne and undergraduate degrees in economics and in law from the Australian National University. She is a Senior Trade Adviser to the Australian APEC Study Centre at RMIT University.

Khalil Manaf Hegarty
Director | Policy

Khalil Manaf Hegarty is an expert in trade policy with a focus on Southeast Asia, and specialisation in trade and sustainability. He has extensive experience and networks across Indonesia and Malaysia.

Khalil has more than 15 years of experience consulting to the businesses and governments in the region, focusing on the agriculture and forestry sectors. He has also consulted to Australian state governments and industry bodies in Australia, and provides ongoing policy advice to governments and the private sector in Southeast Asia, covering agriculture, manufactured goods, services and investment.

He has managed projects that include social and economic impact assessments for major agricultural and industrial developments, conformity assessments for certification systems, and broad stakeholder consultation processes.

Khalil was an Associate Director at ITS Global, and prior to that a media professional working with News Ltd and Fairfax and teaching at Monash University.