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Article Three is a leading trade policy advisory firm providing analysis and strategic advocacy services to governments, companies and NGOs in the Asia Pacific Region.

We help our clients navigate an increasingly complex international trade environment to overcome barriers, find new markets and drive economic development for the benefit of all. 

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We believe the key to finding solutions in trade policy is clearly understanding the problems – political, technical and competitive – then identifying the opportunities.

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2021 Trade Policy Top Ten

What happened in trade policy in 2021? Amid the ongoing impacts of the pandemic, supply chain disruptions and closed borders, quite a lot. Here’s our take on the k

Trade and Prosperity | Briefing | December 2021

Export controls: a creeping threat to global prosperity Trade rules generally deal with preventing restrictions on imports. They have less to say about exports. But

Our Work

Article Three mapped supply chains for critical food ingredients and packaging inputs imported by the food and beverage industry, for the Australian Food and Grocery Council, and assessed the potential risks to ensuring continuity of supply. The report was prepared for policy makers in the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources. It includes recommended actions the government can take to support the supply chain resilience of the Australian industry in the current and emerging trade policy environment.

Article Three partnered with the Asia Society and the Australian APEC Study Centre to identify opportunities for Australian exporters and investors in Vietnam.

Article Three undertook a detailed analysis of bilateral trade and investment data to identify areas of export competitiveness and complementarity, assess future prospects to increase participation in regional value chains and take advantage of benefits arising from countries’ bilateral and multilateral trade agreements.

The analysis identified clear opportunities for Australian exporters seeking to participate in Asia’s regional value chains for processed food and electronic goods and for services exporters and investors seeking to participate in industries such as transport, logistics, education and healthcare.

The report has been highlighted in international media as businesses and policymakers seek to diversify markets and shore up supply chains in the wake of the COVD-19 pandemic.

Article Three was commissioned by the Federal Department of Agriculture and Water Resources to assess the risks and opportunities for key Australian commodity exports of the growing trade tensions and ‘tariff wars’ between the US and China. The US-China tension – referred to as the ‘Trade Wars’ – was a major source of uncertainty for Australian agricultural exporters under the Trump Administration.

Article Three undertook a comprehensive analysis of Australia’s agricultural exports, major markets, major competitors and market access advantages including across trade agreements.

A risk-based projection of the impact of ongoing trade tension for all major agricultural commodities was evaluated over the short, medium and long term.

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